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Whether you want to learn how to beat hunger, eliminate poverty, or simply give back to viable charities, our platform is here to help. Trust Charity supports you in giving back wherever you can to your favorite organizations.


With a commitment to changing the world one donation at a time, our focus is to make it easier for you to donate to the organizations you want to.

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Spread The News

We connect donors to the charities they want to support by bringing awareness to their organization. Our platform is uniquely designed to make it easy to find, learn about, and donate to respective charities within the niche you’re interested in supporting. Finding the best charities to donate to is far easier than ever before, thanks to our platform.

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Raise Funds

Helping charities raise funds is another avenue that we focus our efforts on. We believe in the power of monetary donations, which is why we help the organizations we support, secure them. Every step we take to eliminate the more complicated issues of our world requires a monetary donation. For this reason, we help the organizations on our platform raise the necessary funds to meet their fiscal demands for operations.

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Support Qualified Causes

Our platform and team support qualified causes simply by existing in a format that makes sense. We work with the causes on our platform to make the best use of the funds we raise. This is critical to the ongoing growth of each charitable organization we support, making for a more trustworthy experience for you.

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Our Focus Is To…

Eradicate Homelessness

Homelessness is a devastating experience, but it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Our team proudly works closely with organizations that are determined to eradicate homelessness around the globe. With your help, we can tackle this human rights issue one step at a time.

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Eradicate Poverty

Poverty is a challenge that affects millions of people around the world. However, it requires both a coordinated effort and significant funds to fully eradicate. We recognize that poverty doesn’t have a single cure. It is a complicated and layered experience that must be approached on an individual basis. Fortunately, the charities we support take that approach.

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Eradicate Water Crises

Insufficient clean running water is a human rights issue. Unfortunately, many governments simply don’t have the funds to reverse water shortages. Instead, they rely on organizations to support them in tacklinge a crisis. Our goal is to help those organizations do their best to reduce the burden of water shortages.

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Eradicate Disease

A lack of access to vaccines kills millions of people every single year. We work with nonprofit organizations that fight back against diseases through advanced vaccine technology. Providing access to vaccines is an important element in reducing deadly diseases. With your support, we can effectively reduce these deadly illnesses.

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One Charity—Multiple Causes

Let us help you discover the best charities to donate to when you support our work through donations.

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