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What You Need to Know to Get Started

Start Fundraising With Us

Changing lives across the world is our ultimate passion. We recognize a broader need across the world to support our organization doing exceptional work and to do that we need your help through fundraising. Charity fundraising empowers a variety of organizations to meet their financial goals and transform the world. At Trust Charity, we help make fundraising easy.

Why Start Fundraising?

Fundraising, essentially, helps nonprofits work together towards a common goal. It keeps nonprofit organizations stable and making strategic moves. Without significant funds, organizations simply cannot accomplish their goals. That’s why we support fundraising efforts through our platform.

Trust Charity fundraising simplifies the process of raising funds for specific causes. We help you find and support the causes that you want, all through our simple platform.

For many people, charities represent an easier way to make a difference in the world around them. However, to make a difference, you have to know where your funds are going. At Trust Charity, we take a detailed approach to fundraising to ensure that you and your funds go precisely towards the cause you want them to.

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What Do Our Charities Do?

The charities we offer fundraising services for, support various causes. Charities can help in multiple ways, but the primary way they do so is by directing help, giving information, or by raising awareness. Some charities do a mix of the aforementioned, giving donors even more reason to support their work.

Our team serves as a single point of donations where your funds are evenly distributed among charities that support the causes you are most passionate about.

How to Start Trust Charity Fundraising

Not sure how to start fundraising for the causes you care about? You’re in the right place. Trust Charity fundraising may sound daunting, but there are multiple ways to go about it and get the results you want. Whether you’re a first-timer or a consistent fundraiser, we all could use inspiration for our fundraisers. Consider the following tips to start fundraising for your cause through our platform. 

Join an Existing Event or Start Your Own

If you’re new to the world of fundraising, we highly recommend you start by starting or joining an existing event to raise funds. Multiple events are going on for our charity Worldwide at any given time. That’s why we do our best to connect you with the right Trust Charity organization to help fundraise on their behalf.

Alternatively, you can also try hosting your event to increase interest in the charity and raise money in the process.

Start Planning Your Event

Once you know what type of event you’re going to host or take part in, start planning your part of the event. Our team is always here to help you determine what your event will require.

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Another important element in fundraising is in promoting it. A few ways you can promote your next charity fundraising event include…

  • Create a banner and spread it around your community
  • Buy Facebook ads and promote the event to your target audience
  • Use an email blast to connect with your audience over your next event

Start Your Next Fundraising Event

Taking part in a special event for your chosen charity is an excellent way to give back. When you’re ready to start fundraising for your next event.

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