Changing Lives With Kindness

You can help change a life. By donating to Trust Charity, you’re helping meet the immediate needs of people and animals living in severe danger and despair.

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The Need for Giving


It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation

The needs of the world are constantly evolving. We’re doing our part to assist with natural disaster relief, environmental crises, poverty, homelessness, the list goes on. Trust Charity serves as a resource for charities that provide special accommodations for people in need.

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It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation

We work with organizations that assist people of all ages, races, genders, and geographical locations. While we’re proud of the work we’ve already accomplished, we know we need to do more.

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Our Charity Shop

Trust Charity is excited to announce our latest venture – The Charity Shop. Here you can ethically buy and help more charities with our range of books, clothing, films, shoes, and so much more at bargain prices.

Start Donating Today

We understand that certain organizations will speak to you more than others. Trust Charity hosts multiple fundraising events to help meet the needs of the world.

Browse our current fundraising events. We can connect you with a charity no matter what you’re passionate about.

Thank You

Without people like you, Trust Charity would not be possible. We’d like to take a minute to thank you for donating to Trust Charity. Rest assured that your money is going directly into the hands of those in need.

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